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Creating a Two-Column Table Layout > Creating the Rows and Columns - Pg. 170

SATURDAY EVENING (BONUS SESSION) Working with Tables 167 Setting Column Widths Using Percentages You can also set column widths as a percentage of the table width. Set the table width to 636 pixels, leave the first column set to 80 pixels, and set the remaining columns to 21 percent (see Figure 5.15): <table align="center" border="6" cellspacing="6" cellpadding="6" width="636"> <caption style="margin-bottom: 24px">Table I. First Quarter Sales Results</caption> <tr><th width="80"></th> <th width="21%">Jan</th> <th width="21%">Feb</th> <th width="21%">Mar</th> <th width="21%">Totals</th></tr> Setting the table width, in this case, is optional, since the pixel-width column is reduced compared to the percentage-width columns. If the