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Creating the Rows and Columns > Creating the Rows and Columns - Pg. 171

168 Learn HTML 4 In a Weekend expanded to make allowance for the cell content. In at least one older browser, Netscape 4, a column width is collapsed down to the maximum content width, regardless of the width set for the column. A workaround is to use a spacer image (a transparent 1 1 pixel GIF image). An example spacer image, spacer.gif, is included in your MyHTML folder. Here's an example of inserting a spacer image in a table cell to enforce a column width of 150 pixels: <td><img src="spacer.gif" height="1" width="150"></td> Setting Row Heights You can also use the HEIGHT attribute in any TH or TD element within a row to set a row height other than the default. Set a height of 32