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Chapter . SUNDAY AFTERNOON Working with ... > Ensuring Backward and Forward Compat... - Pg. 164

SATURDAY EVENING (BONUS SESSION) Working with Tables 161 <tr><th>Yang</th> <td>265,015</td> <td>333,838</td> <td>148,345</td> <td>747,198</td></tr> <tr><th>Totals</th> <td>$991,367</td> <td>$1,271,071</td> <td>$849,045</td> <td>$3,111,483</td></tr> </table> You'll notice when you view this in your browser that row headings are centered and bolded by default, just like the column headings you created previously. That's because you're using the same element (TH) to serve two different purposes (creating column and row headings). In the next section, you'll set the row headings to be left-aligned, rather than centered. In most browsers, when you include an empty TD or TH cell in a table, the cell borders for the empty cell aren't drawn (see the upper-left table