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140 Learn HTML 4 In a Weekend CAUTION When specifying font face lists, one or more TrueType fonts should always be listed in front of any PostScript fonts that are listed.That is because some Windows systems will either not display PostScript fonts at all (defaulting to the default font face) or only display the lower-quality bitmapped, but not the hinted vector-based, letter forms of PostScript fonts.The most commonly available PostScript fonts include Times, Helvetica, Palatino, and Courier. FIND IT ONLINE Microsoft previously provided for download a collection of TrueType core fonts for the Web, which could be downloaded and installed on Windows, Macintosh, and Unix/Linux systems. These same fonts are included with the most recent versions of both the Windows and the Macintosh operating systems. While Microsoft no longer provides these fonts for download, Linux users can find them available for download, and instructions for installing them, at To see a selection of font faces that are available on many Windows systems, open fontfaces.html in your browser from the resources folder in your MyHTML folder (see Figure 4.25). Figure 4.25 A selection of fonts available on many Windows systems is displayed.