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Chapter . SUNDAY AFTERNOON Working with Styles > Controlling Fonts - Pg. 149

144 Learn HTML 4 In a Weekend b_mottle.jpg Figure 4.27 One of the more effective ways to add visual appeal to your Web page is to use a background image. turned off will most likely see your light text displayed against a white background. If you've set the color of your text to white, they'll see (or won't see, that is) white text against a white background. To avoid this problem when you're using light text against a dark background image, always specify a dark background color, as well, that is similar at least in tone to the predominant color in the background image you're using. Look in the images folder in your MyHTML folder for additional back- ground images you can use (just look for images beginning with "b_"). Here are just a couple of places on the Web where you can find back- ground images you can download and use: FIND IT ONLINE The Background Sampler by Netscape at Backgrounds by NCSA at