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246 Learn HTML 4 In a Weekend techniques and methods have also been discovered or developed that allow for the creation of both backward- and forward-compatible Web page designs using styles. Now, there really is no reason to not use styles. Because of the excellent support for Web standards that are incorporated in the latest browsers, William Arnold has decided to upgrade the Egg Facts and Figures page he created for the Good Egg Company. He wants his page to be compatible with the strict definition of HTML 4.01, which means it can't contain any deprecated elements or attributes and must depend upon using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control the page's presentational appearance. He has already removed deprecated elements and attributes from the docu- ment and is now ready to upgrade it. NOTE To preview this session's examples, you should use a current browser that provides excellent support for the HTML 4.01 and CSS standards. I recommend that you use any of the following browsers (or later versions): Internet Explorer 6 for Windows ( Internet Explorer 5 for the Macintosh ( products/ie/) Mozilla 1 ( Netscape 7 ( Opera 7 ( Getting Started with the Example To get started working with the example for this session, just do the fol- lowing: 1. Run your text editor and open tutor7_example.html from the MyHTML folder (located in your My Documents folder, if using Windows, or on your Desktop, if using a Macintosh).