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Appendix . APPENDIX A HTML/XHTML Reference - Pg. 188

186 Learn HTML 4 In a Weekend Because the FRAMESET element replaces the BODY element in the root page for a framed site, this kind of page is commonly referred to as a frameset page.The content of a FRAMESET element, on the other hand, is often referred to simply as a frameset. Declaring the Frameset Document Type According to the HTML 4 specifications, inclusion of a DocType declara- tion is required for an HTML document to be valid. Up until now, you've been declaring the content of your pages as conforming to the transitional definition of HTML 4.01. When creating a frameset page, you need to declare its content as conforming to the frameset definition for HTML 4.01. Open a new blank window in your text editor and type a DocType declara-