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154 Learn HTML 4 In a Weekend Creating a Basic Table The TABLE element was initially proposed as part of the failed HTML 3.0 initiative, before being included in standard HTML as part of HTML 3.2. The TABLE element is a container element that brackets all data to be included in a table. Delete the start and end tags for the PRE element you added earlier and bracket the data with a TABLE element (don't try to check this out in your browser yet): <pre> <table> Alberts $160,251 $245,600 $132,000 $537,851 Brown 225,255 115,995 132,875 474,125 Gilbertson 240,168 390,295 175,000 805,463 Sikorsky 100,678 185,343 260,825 546,846 Yang 265,015 333,838 148,345 747,198 Totals </table> </pre> $991,367 $1,271,071 $849,045 $3,111,483 Defining Rows and Columns A table is arranged in a grid of rows and columns. Tables can be as simple as a single-cell table (with one row and one column, in other words) or they can contain as many rows and columns as you care to define.