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Chapter 13. Using Images in XHTML Docume... > Designing for the Real World - Pg. 226

Using Images in XHTML Documents <a href="index.html"><img src="images/home_button.gif" width="50" height="100" border="0" alt="follow this link to go home" /></a> 226 Tip from If you want an image to clearly be noted as a link, you can set the border to a numeric value to show the link border. With the border set to off ("0"), this image will appear seamless with the rest of the page. A smoother, more consistent design is achieved by leaving borders off--my preferred method. Another method of linking images is with imagemapping. To read more about this method, see Chapter 30, "Designing Specialty Graphics". Troubleshooting Horizontal Rules How do you add a horizontal rule to a page? There is an XHTML element for generic horizontal rules, the <hr /> tag. For graphical horizontal rules, however, you use the standard image tags to insert the graphic, as explained in this chapter. Working with Many Images What happens when I have numerous images that I'd like to lay out with greater control? How can I do that more effectively than with these simplistic techniques? You have two options. The first, and most realistic in the current browser environment, is the use of