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Chapter 30. Designing Specialty Graphics > Exploring Specialty Graphics - Pg. 595

595 Chapter 30. Designing Specialty Graphics In this chapter Exploring Specialty Graphics Imagemaps Animated GIFs Advertising Banners Troubleshooting Designing for the Real World Exploring Specialty Graphics There are several types of graphics that I consider specialty graphics. The reason I separate these from standard Web page graphics is that you won't always want to use them. These graphics are reserved for specific circumstances. Graphics covered in this chapter are · Imagemaps--Imagemaps are a single graphic image that can be used for multiple links. · Animated GIFs--Use animated GIFs to add movement to a page or for advertising purposes. · Advertising banners--Gain visibility for your Web site through the use of ad banners. For some, these image types might be familiar. I'm going to walk you through the creation of a variety of images to give newcomers guidelines on how to create specialty images, and for old hats, a refresher course with some tips and techniques that might enable you to work faster and smarter. Imagemaps Imagemaps allow a designer to break a single image down into multiple sections of varying shapes. Each of those sections then can be linked to a different Web page. Although this sounds convenient, and although imagemaps have certainly been a significant part of Web design for some time, the reality is that they are becoming less present on professional sites. Whether this has to do with the fact that more sophisticated and attractive technologies, such as JavaScript mouseovers, are taking precedence over imagemapping, or that mapping is too fixed for today's regularly updated Web sites is difficult to determine. To learn how to create mouseover effects, see Chapter 20, "Adding JavaScript to XHTML Docu- ments". Despite these changes, the technology and tools related to mapping have remained current, and you will certainly want to add the technique to your repertoire of graphic skills.