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The Checkpoints

Each of the checkpoints defined in the WCAG document are presented here in one of three tables; Tables 7.1 through 4.4 show the checkpoints for each priority level. The tables are organized by priority and include the feature that the checkpoint covers (general issues, images, and so on) and the instruction.

Table 7.1. Priority One Checkpoints
XHTML FeatureCheckpoint
GeneralProvide atext equivalent for every non-text element(includes images, image maps, animations, applets and programmatic objects, ascii art, frames, scripts, sounds, audio, and video).
 All information conveyed with color is available if the color were removed.
 Clearly identify any changes in natural language for both documents and text-equivalent sections.
 Documents must be readable without their associated style sheet.
 Equivalents for dynamically generated content must be updated when the dynamic content changes.
 Avoid causing the screen to flicker until all user agents allow user-initiated control over the flicker.
 Use the clearest and simplest language appropriate for the site's content.
Images or image mapsProvide redundant text links for active areas of server- side image maps.
 Provide client-side image maps in favor or server-side maps, unless available geometric shapes cannot be defined as necessary.
TablesFor data tables, provide row and column headers.
 Use markup to associate data cells with header cells when two or more logical levels of headers exist.
FramesEach frame must have a meaningful title attribute.
Applets and scriptsPages should be usable when scripts or applet support is turned off. If this is not possible, an alternative page must be provided.
MultimediaProvide an auditory version of the visual tracks of multimedia presentations.
 For any time-based multimedia presentations, also synchronize equivalent alternatives.
"If all else fails"Provide an alternative page that uses W3C technologies, that is accessible, and that is updated as often as the main page.



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