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Part IV: The Future of XHTML > Next Steps for XHTML

Chapter 19. Next Steps for XHTML

In this chapter you will learn a little about some of the exciting likely future developments in Web standards that will impact XHTML or draw from recent or forthcoming XHTML standards.

The new possibilities being opened up are exciting, but you should be aware that all the material discussed in this chapter is at an early stage of development, and so is particularly liable to change. So please read this chapter with a view to grasping the big picture, the general concepts. By all means think about the preliminary detail provided but make sure to check the current versions of the documents cited to identify where major changes might have occurred.

It isn't possible to cover every emerging technology here, but the ones which are covered should give you a flavor of some of the substantial changes that are likely to further change the ways in which you can make use of the World Wide Web.

This chapter teaches you:

  • A methodology that will permit Web servers to tailor output of documents to the type of browser that you choose to use at any one time. This embryonic technology goes by the name Composite Capabilities/Preferences Profiles, abbreviated to CC/PP.

  • Possible ways in which television and the World Wide Web can benefit from the strengths of the partner technology.

  • A new generation of XML-based Web forms, called XForms, which will improve on existing HTML/XHTML forms.



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