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Selling Banner Advertising

Q1:I have been marketing my site for several months and would like to try to generate revenue by selling advertising space. Where's the best place to start?
A1: There are several ways to sell advertising on your site. You can prepare a rate card for your site and hope that people will come to you wanting to advertise. This plan only works if your site attracts those with the interest and money to advertise.

If your site is popular, particularly within a specific demographic, you can sign up as an affiliate with an online advertising brokerage. They will help you set a reasonable CPM rate and will sell your available ad space on your behalf. One such service is Flycast Network, which can be found at http://www.flycast.com/. Advertising brokerages charge you a percentage of your advertising revenue.

Unless you have designed the next Yahoo!, chances are that you won't be able to retire on the income generated by your advertising space. In many cases, however, you can make enough money to pay for your server space and the latest upgrade to Adobe Photoshop.

Another benefit to selling ad space is getting listed as an affiliate on the ad brokerage sites. Although this will not bring in aimless Web surfers, it will make other businesses aware of your site. If you are developing content that is of interest to a more popular site, this can lead to them linking to your site or even licensing some of your content.

Measuring Success

Q1:How do I know if my search engine rankings, newsletters, banner advertising, and newsgroup posts are successfully bringing people to my site?
A1: Tracking site usage statistics can be as simple as putting a hit counter on your default page. There are literally hundreds of simple hit counters available on the Internet.

One of the easiest counters to install is FastCounter from Link Exchange, the banner exchange people. You can find FastCounter at http://www.fastcounter.com/index.html. You can even develop your own hit counter using the instructions at http://members.aol.com/htmlguru/access_counts.html.

There's a lot more to Web statistics than simply counting page hits, however. If you really want to analyze the usage on your site, you'll want to add a log analysis program to your site. The best-known log analysis tool is NetTracker, available at http://www.sane.com/products/NetTracker/. NetTracker and Sawmill, another Web statistical tool (found at http://www.flowerfire.com/sawmill4/) will not only tell you how many people have hit your site, but where they came from, which pages they looked at, how many pages they visited in each session, and where they went when they left your site. This kind of detail costs money, about $200–500, but for a professional site, it might be worth it.



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