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Chapter 19. Using JavaScript > Troubleshooting


Got Script?

Q1:The code is correct, but the script isn't working. What's the problem?
A1: If you've checked carefully for syntax errors and are certain that your script is free and clear of any bugs, the problem is probably due to one of two reasons:
  • JavaScript is disabled or unavailable in your browser. To check to be sure JavaScript is running, look in your browser's preferences and make sure JavaScript is available and enabled.

  • Your browser doesn't support the JavaScript version or syntax in use. There are differences between browser versions and support for JavaScript versions and syntax. This is most clearly demonstrated in the differences between Netscape and Internet Explorer, but the problems arise between versions as well. Internet Explorer 3.0 simply does not have the JavaScript sophistication found in the 4.0 and later versions, whereas Netscape has almost always been ahead of the game where JavaScript (excluding the use of JavaScript for DHTML and Style Sheets) is concerned.

The Wrong Image

Q1:I've used the mouseover script in this section, but the wrong image was loading upon mouseover. Then, I thought I had fixed the code, but no image showed up when I tested the mouseover. What's wrong?
A1: It's very likely that you've named your image files incorrectly either in the SCRIPT section of the document, or inline with the image name attribute, or both. Look carefully through your code to determine where the misnaming might have occurred.



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