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Chapter 3. HTML Tools > Troubleshooting


Spell Checking Documents

Q1:I am very happy coding my HTML in an ASCII or plain text editor. But, I want to be able to spell check documents. How can I do it?
A1: One way to check the spelling in your documents is to view the page in a browser, and then copy and paste the text into a Word processor that has spell checking. This is a bit of an awkward and time consuming process, but it works. You might also consider using an HTML editor with built-in spell checking. This way, you get the best of the ASCII world with the best HTML tools available. And, you can customize most HTML editors so that no extraneous windows or menus are showing—just the tools you want to use as you code.

Need Your Site Yesterday?

Q1:I'm just beginning to dig seriously into HTML and I want to learn to code by hand, but also need to be developing sites today. What's the best way to go?
A1: Any WYSIWYG editor worth its salt has an HTML editing environment available alongside the graphic layout workspace. This is true of major players such as Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Microsoft FrontPage 2000. You can use the HTML editors in any of these programs to work on HTML yourself, and the graphic interfaces to generate the pages you need right now.

Do be cautious, however. Some older versions of HTML WYSIWYG programs will alter your HTML code to their own methods after you've made a change. This used to be the case in FrontPage, but the 2000 version offers hands-off coding, allowing you to tinker without any tinkering back! Dreamweaver should be applauded for stepping into the fray and ensuring hands-off coding for its users. Adobe GoLive will leave code that you add to a page alone, but you'll notice a lot of odd, proprietary tags that GoLive uses as a mechanism to create its own layout grids.



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