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Chapter 10. Microsoft FrontPage Components > Other Automated FrontPage Features

Other Automated FrontPage Features

FrontPage comes with a number of other automated features and functions beyond the FrontPage Components. To close the chapter, this last section takes you on a brief tour of some of FrontPage's other high-end features. In each case, FrontPage is taking a task that was previously labor intensive and reducing its setup to a few simple actions.

  • Search, Discussion, Save Results, and Registration Bots— If you've used previous versions of FrontPage, you might be wondering where some of the old FrontPage bots are among the FrontPage Components. Among the more popular of these are the Search, Discussion, Save Results, and Registration bots.

    The answer is that they are available in the current release of FrontPage, but they are not listed with the FrontPage Components. Rather, you have to look elsewhere to create instructions that use these bots. To use the Search bot, which sets up a mini search engine in your FrontPage Web, choose Insert, Active Elements, Search Form to launch the dialog box that will enable you to configure your search.

    You can use the Discussion bot to create a fully searchable threaded discussion group by choosing File, New FrontPage Web in the FrontPage Explorer. When you see the list of possible Webs, choose the Discussion Web Wizard to walk through the steps of creating the threaded discussion.

    The Save Results bot is called the Save Results form handler in current release of FrontPage. To use the form handler, right-click your form and select Form Properties from the pop-up menu you see. Then click the Options button to configure the saving location and format.

    Finally, the Registration bot is now tucked away in a User Registration page template in the FrontPage Editor. To load the template, in the Editor choose File, New and choose the User Registration document from the list you see. A registration page enables Web users to self-register, rather than burdening you with all the data entry.

  • Hover Buttons— Buttons that change their properties when a user's mouse pointer is over the button or when the user clicks the button. You can set up the button to be text- or image-based, and FrontPage can even bevel the image for you so that it looks more like a button.

    To create a hover button, choose Insert, Active Elements, Hover Button to reveal the Hover Button dialog box. If you want a text-based button, you can set it up here, including how the button should be colored and what onscreen effect it should possess (glow, beveling, and so on). If you want to use an image, click the Custom button to open the Custom dialog box. In the lower half of the dialog box, you'll find fields for specifying the default button image and the image to display when a user's mouse is hovering over the image.

    After your button is configured, click OK to place it on your page. If you peek at the HTML tag, you'll see that FrontPage renders the button by using a Java applet.

  • Page Transitions— One of the neat features found in Microsoft's PowerPoint presentation creation software is a set of transitions you can use between slides in the presentation. Now Microsoft brings those transitions to the Web through the FrontPage Editor. To add a transition to a page, choose Format, Page Transition to open the Page Transitions dialog box. Here you can choose from more than twenty transition effects. You can also set the duration of the transition and specify the event that triggers the transition (entering the page, leaving the site, and so on).

    After the transition is in place, you can look at the HTML code to see that FrontPage accomplished the transition by using a <META> tag in the document head. The tag contains an HTTP-EQUIV value that corresponds to the triggering event that you selected. When the server detects the event, it uses Dynamic HTML to produce the transition effect.



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