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Chapter 10. Microsoft FrontPage Components > Using the Navigation Bar Component

Using the Navigation Bar Component

One final FrontPage Component enables you to automatically place Navigation Bars on your pages. You'll recall from the site and page design chapters that giving users consistent navigation to all parts of your site is an important measure of a usable site. By using FrontPage's Navigation Bar Component, you can implement site navigation across all your pages with ease.

To use the Navigation Bar Component, perform these steps:

From the Insert menu, choose the Navigation Bar option. This opens the Navigation Bar Properties dialog box you see in Figure 10.19.

Figure 10.19. FrontPage can construct a set of navigation links based on its knowledge of your site's hierarchical structure.

First you need to specify what pages should be included in the navigation links. FrontPage enables you to choose from pages at the parent level (one level above the current level), pages at the same level of the current page, back and next pages, pages at the child level (one level below the current level), and pages at the top level. In addition to your level choice, you can also include links to a page's parent page and the site's home page.


If you aren't clear as to the meaning of parent level, child level, and top level, look at the hierarchical diagram in the dialog box as you choose different levels. The diagram will change to match the selected level, and you'll have a visual representation of what pages will be linked in your navigation bar.

Next you need to choose how you want the navigation bar to appear on the page. You can choose either a horizontal or vertical orientation and either a button-based or text-based set of links.

When you're done configuring your navigation bar, click the OK button to place it on the page.



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