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Chapter 10. Microsoft FrontPage Componen... > Using the Hit Counter Component - Pg. 265

Microsoft FrontPage Components 265 Using the Hit Counter Component One popular element on the home page of many sites is a counter that indicates how many people have visited the page. When counters first started to appear on pages, they were simply text, but later Web content providers got fancy and sent images to the browser to represent the digits in the visitor count. This enabled counters to take on various looks--some looked like a car odometer and others looked like an LED readout. Either way, counters add a little pizzazz to a page and give the page's owner a sense of how popular the page is with Web surfers. It used to be that you had to code a CGI script to retrieve the previous count, add one to it, and then display the result. Further coding was needed if you were going to parse the visitor count and send each digit as an image. But now, FrontPage relieves you of all that by providing a Hit Counter Component that you drop into place on a page. To put a Hit Counter Component on one of your pages, follow these steps: 1. 2. Choose Insert, FrontPage Component, or click the Insert FrontPage Component toolbar button to call up the list of available components. Select Hit Counter and click OK to call up the Hit Counter Properties dialog box shown in Figure 10.12. FrontPage enables you to choose from five counter digit styles, or you can specify your own custom style. Additionally, you can reset the counter to a desired value, and you can restrict the counter to be a set number of digits. Figure 10.12. Before FrontPage, hit counters required extensive server-side programming. Caution If you restrict the number of digits in your counter, make sure you leave enough digits to accommodate the traffic on your site. When the Hit Counter appears on the Normal tab of the FrontPage Editor, you'll see the text "[Hit Counter]" rendered in boldface. If you switch to the HTML tab, you'll see code such as the following: