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Chapter 23. Finding Records Is Sometimes... > Interfacing with ActiveX Controls wi... - Pg. 503

Finding Records Is Sometimes Difficult 503 For more information on Macromedia Shockwave, you can visit their Web site at http://www.mac- You can find more specific information on controlling the Flash Player in your Web pages at http://www.macromedia. com/support/flash/ []. Interfacing with ActiveX Controls with JavaScript This is an example of using JScript, Microsoft's implementation of the JavaScript language, to ma- nipulate another Web browser object, ActiveX Controls--in this case the ActiveX Label Control. ActiveX Controls are a Microsoft technology, similar to plug-ins, that enables developers to dynam- ically increase the capabilities of the Web browser. Many major software developers that produce plug-ins for Netscape Navigator produce ActiveX Control versions as well. Therefore, controlling ActiveX Controls would be done for many of the same reasons as for plug-ins. The Label Control enables the Web author to place text on the Web page, select the text, font, size, and an arbitrary angle of rotation. One of the exciting things about the Label Control is that it can be manipulated in real-time, producing a variety of automated or user-controlled effects. In the following example, the Label Control is used to place text on the Web page, and form input is used to enable the user to change the text used and the angle at which it is displayed. Figure 23.8 shows the default configuration of the label and Figure 23.9 shows it after the text and the rotation angle have been changed.