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Chapter 17. CDF and Active Desktop Compo... > Making a Channel Password-Protected - Pg. 382

CDF and Active Desktop Components 382 Making a Channel Password-Protected Security is uppermost in people's minds when they're on the Internet, so any precautions you can take to ensure the security of channels--particularly channels with sensitive information--will be appreciated by end users. The CDF specification includes a <LOGIN/> element that you can use to require authentication before a user enters a channel. When initially subscribing to a CDF-based channel, a user would be prompted for a username and password to use with the channel. CDF-Compliant Software For users to fully appreciate the work you put into creating your channel, they have to have a client program that is CDF compliant. Internet Explorer is an obvious choice for this, but other push tech- nology vendors have embraced CDF as the way to go for authoring managed content channels. Some of these companies include · · · · · · AirMedia BackWeb DataChannel FirstFloor Torso Wayfarer Additionally, PointCast has thrown its support behind the CDF specification. Netscape's Netcaster can support CDF in a limited way because of a less powerful site-crawling scheme.