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Chapter 26. Advanced Microsoft Dynamic HTML > Find Out More About Dynamic HTML

Find Out More About Dynamic HTML

It would be possible to write an entire book on Dynamic HTML, so there is no way it can be covered in the space that has been allotted here. The object of this chapter was to give you the resources for getting started with your own Web pages by using Microsoft's implementation of Dynamic HTML and Internet Explorer. To see more about both Microsoft and Netscape Dynamic HTML, check out Que Publishing's Special Edition, Using Dynamic HTML. If you would like to see more examples and to find out more information, try some of these links on the Microsoft Web site.

  • Features of Dynamic HTML in Internet Explorer 4

    The Internet Explorer 4 Web site includes introductory information on all the features of its suite of applications and technologies. The information on Dynamic HTML is located at

    http://www.microsoft. com/ie/ie40/features/ie-dhtml.htm

  • Internet Explorer 4 demos

    In addition to information, the Internet Explorer 4 also offers a series of demos, many of which make use of the new features of Dynamic HTML. The demos are at


  • Microsoft SiteBuilder Network

    Microsoft's SiteBuilder Network is the area of its Web site devoted to providing information to Web authors and developers who use Microsoft products. The SiteBuilder Network hosts a Dynamic HTML Gallery at

    http: //www.microsoft.com/workshop/c-frame.htm#/workshop/author/default.asp

  • Microsoft Internet Client SDK documentation

    The Internet Client Software Development Kit (SDK) includes the technical information and software needed to author pages and develop applications and components that use Internet Explorer 4. Part of the SDK is extensive information and documentation on Dynamic HTML and the new Document Object Model that supports it. You can download and also view this documentation online at

    http://www.microsoft. com/msdn/sdk/inetsdk/help/

  • Inside Dynamic HTML Web site

  • The Inside Dynamic HTML Web site includes a mass of information and samples of Dynamic HTML in action. It is located at




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