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Chapter 33. Active Server Pages and VBScript > Using Existing ASP Components

Using Existing ASP Components

In addition to the Application, Session, Server, Response, and Request objects, IIS comes with a number of predefined, pretested Active Server components you can readily use within your ASP application. You will find these existing server-side components extremely useful in building your ASP application:

  • Active Data Object (ADO)— The ADO is probably one of the most important ASP components. By using the ADO, you can communicate with back-end databases and create dynamic, data-driven Web sites.

  • Browser Capabilities— By using the Browser Capabilities component, you can detect the type of client browser, determine the browser's capabilities through an INI file, and display appropriate HTML.

  • Advertisement Rotator— The Advertisement Rotator component displays ad banners within your Web site. In addition, you can change the ad banners dynamically.

  • Permission Checker Component— By using the Permission Checker component, you can determine whether a user has access permission to a given file.

  • Content Linking Component— The Content Linking component helps you to design and develop a navigation scheme for your Web site.

  • Page Counter Component— The Page Counter component tracks the number of times a page from your Web site has been requested. As a result, you can determine the amount of interest your Web site generates.



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