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Part: II Web Page Text > Advanced Text Formatting and Links

Hour 6. Advanced Text Formatting and Links

In this hour, you learn to control the appearance of the text on your pages. You'll learn to incorporate boldface, italics, superscripts, subscripts, underlines, and strikethrough text into your pages, as well as how to choose typefaces and font sizes.

In Hour 3, “Linking to Other Web Pages,” you learned to use the <a> tag to create links between HTML pages. This hour shows you how to use the same tag to enable readers to jump between different parts of a single page. This gives you a convenient way to put a table of contents at the top of a long document, or to put a link at the bottom of a page that returns you to the top. You'll see how to link to a specific point within a separate page, too.

This hour also tells you how to embed a live link to your email address in a Web page, so readers can instantly compose and send messages to you from within most Web browsers.

There are two completely different approaches to controlling text formatting and alignment in HTML 4. The tags you study in this hour (and the align attribute from Hour 5, “Text Alignment and Lists”) are the “old way,” which is actually officially discouraged. The “new way” is introduced in Hour 15, “Using Style Sheets.”

Why learn something that's already out of date? Because a significant number of people still use Web browsers that don't support style sheets. If you want your pages to look right to everyone—not just those who use the latest software technology—you'll need to know everything in this hour.

All the tricks introduced in this hour (and the previous one) will work with nearly any Web browser, old or new.



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