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Part: IV Web Page Design > Page Design and Layout

Hour 12. Page Design and Layout

You've learned in earlier hours how to create Web pages with text and images on them. This hour goes a step further by showing you some HTML tricks to control the spaces between your text and images. These tricks are essential for making your pages attractive and easy to read. This hour provides practical advice that helps you design attractive and highly readable pages, even if you're not a professional graphics designer.

This hour also teaches you how to ensure that your Web pages will appear as quickly as possible when people try to read them. This is essential for making a good impression with your pages, especially for people who will be accessing them through Internet dial-up connections.

When it comes to designing and laying out your pages, you might think that a graphical Web page layout tool such as Microsoft FrontPage, HoTMetaL Pro, or Netscape Composer would be more intuitive and powerful than editing the HTML by hand, as you'll be doing in this hour.

It's true that designing your pages with an interactive graphical tool can be more intuitive, and I recommend that you have a good graphical tool such as FrontPage 2000 available for that purpose.

However, you'll still be glad to know the HTML you learn in this hour when it comes time to fine-tune all those little spacing problems that graphical tools tend to leave you with. This hour also covers page design techniques that are essential both when writing HTML by hand and when using a graphical tool.

You'll also find this hour very helpful for fixing the messy mistakes that some graphical layout programs can introduce into your Web pages when you try to rearrange or resize images.



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