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Q1:How do I use positioning and layers to make text and graphics fly around the page? Isn't that what they call dynamic HTML?
A1: Dynamic HTML is a general term (used mostly for marketing purposes) meaning anything that makes Web pages move. You'll learn more about that in Hour 18, “Web Page Scripting for Non-Programmers,” and Hour 19, “Setting Pages in Motion with Dynamic HTML.”

In a nutshell, scripting enables you to use a simple programming language called JavaScript to modify any HTML or style sheet information (including positioning) on-the-fly in response to the mouse movements and clicks of people who visit your pages.

Q2:Say I link a style sheet to my page that says all text should be blue, but there's a <span style="font-color: red"> tag in the page somewhere. Will that text come out blue or red?
A2: Red. Local inline styles always take precedence over external style sheets. Any style specifications you put between <style> and </style> tags at the top of a page will also take precedence over external style sheets (but not over inline styles later in the same page).
Q3:Can I link more than one style sheet to a single page?
A3: Sure. For example, you might have a sheet for font stuff and another one for margins and spacing—just include a <link /> for both.
Q4:Are cascading style sheets the only type of style sheets that are currently available?
A4: No. There is a type of style sheet that can be used in XML called XSL (for eXtensible Style sheet Language). XSL style sheets are constructed from a set of rules that will extract data in XML form and use it to create HTML code. That code is then displayed. More explanation of XSL style sheets appears in Hour 23, “Using XML to Describe Data.”
Q5:Why are the <span> and <div> tag used so often in style sheets?
A5: Both tags have little or no behavior designed into them in HTML. Therefore, when you use them in style sheets, the behavior that they exhibit is exclusively what has been defined in the style sheet.



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