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1:Define the terms Internet, Web page, and World Wide Web.
A1: The Internet is the “network of networks” that connects millions of computers around the globe.

A Web page is a text document that uses commands in a special language called HTML to add formatting, graphics and other media, and links to other pages.

The World Wide Web is a collective name for all the Web pages on the Internet.

2:How many files would you need to store on your computer to make a Web page with some text and two images on it?
A2: At least three files: one for the text (which includes the HTML commands), and one for each graphics image. In some cases, you might need more files to add a background pattern, sound, or interactive features to the page.
3:Can you create Web pages with Microsoft Word or WordPerfect?
A3: Yes, or with any other word processor on any computer (as long as the word processor will save plain text or ASCII files).
4:When I have been surfing, I occasionally see the extension *.shtml in the browser window. What does it mean and how does it differ from the standard *.html extension?
A4: Some HTML files need to be processed by the server before they are sent to the client. This extension is commonly used to denote that something must be done to the file before it is sent to the client.


  • At the end of each hour in this book, you'll find some suggestions for optional exercises to reinforce and expand what you learned in the hour. However, because you're undoubtedly eager to get started learning HTML, let's skip the warm-up calisthenics and dive right into Hour 2.



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