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1:How do you center everything on an entire page?
A1: Put <div align="center"> immediately after the <body> tag at the top of the page, and </div> just before the </body> tag at the end of the page.
2:Write HTML to create the following ordered list:

X. Xylophone

Y. Yak

Z. Zebra

<ol type="a" start="24"><li>xylophone</li><li>yak</li><li>zebra</li></ol>

The following alternative will also do the same thing:
<ol type="a"><li value="24">xylophone</li><li>yak</li><li>zebra</li></ol>

3:How do you indent a single word and put a square bullet in front of it?
<ul type="square"><li>supercalifragilisticexpealidocious</li></ul>

(Putting the type="square" in the <li> tag would give the same result because there's only one item in this list.)
4:Use a definition list to show that the word “glunch” means “a look of disdain, anger, or displeasure,” and that the word “glumpy” means “sullen, morose, or sulky.”

<dt>glunch</dt><dd>a look of disdain, anger, or displeasure</dd>
<dt>glumpy</dt><dd>sullen, morose, or sulky</dd>

5:Write the HTML to create the following indentation effect:

Apple pie,


and pancake,

All begin with an A.

<dl><dt>apple pie,</dt>

  <dl><dd>and pancake</dd></dl>
  all begin with an a.</dl>

Note that blank lines will appear above and below and pancake in Microsoft IE 3, but not in later versions or in any Netscape browser.
6:Write the HTML code that will create a bulleted list of the tags that must appear in an HTML file. Use entity codes to create the special characters.
A6: The required tag pairs are <html>, <head>, <title>, and <body>. The HTML code to do this is
<h2>The tag pairs that must be in an HTML file.</h2>


  • Try producing an ordered list outlining the information you'd like to put on your Web pages. This will give you practice formatting HTML lists and also give you a head start on thinking about the issues covered in Part VI, “Building a Web Site.”



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