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1:How would you insert an image file named elephant.jpg at the very top of a Web page?
A1: Copy the image file into the same directory folder as the HTML text file, and type <img src="elephant.jpg" /> immediately after the <body> tag in the HTML text file.
2:How would you make the word Elephant appear whenever the actual elephant.jpg image couldn't be displayed by a Web browser?
A2: Use the following HTML:
<img src="elephant.jpg" alt="elephant" />

3:Write the HTML to make the elephant.jpg image appear on the right side of the page, with a big headline reading "Elephants of the World Unite!" on the left side of the page next to it.
<img src="elephant.jpg" align="right" />
<h1>Elephants of the World Unite!</h1>

4:Write the HTML to make a tiny image of a mouse (named mouse.jpg) appear between the words "Wee sleekit, cow'rin," and the words "tim'rous beastie".
Wee sleekit, cow'rin,<img src="mouse.jpg" />tim'rous beastie

5:Suppose that you have a large picture of a standing elephant named elephant.jpg. Now make a small image named fly.jpg appear to the left of the elephant's head and mouse.jpg appear next to the elephant's right foot.
<img src="fly.jpg" align="top" />

<img src="elephant.jpg" />
<img src="mouse.jpg" />


  • Try using any small image as a “bullet” to make lists with more flair. If you also want the list to be indented, use the <dl> definition list and <dd> for each item (instead of <ul> and <li>, which would give the standard boring bullets). Here's a quick example, using the star.gif file from my sample images page:

    <dl><dd><img src="star.gif">A murder of crows
    <dd><img src="star.gif">A rafter of turkeys
    <dd><img src="star.gif">A muster of peacocks</dl>



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