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1:How do you put a few Web pages on a floppy disk?
A1: Just copy the HTML files and image files from your hard drive to the disk. Anyone can then insert the disk in his or her computer, start the Web browser, and open the pages right from the floppy.
2:Suppose that your ISP tells you to put your pages in the /top/user/~elroy directory at ftp.bigisp.net, that your username is rastro, and that your password is rorry_relroy. You have the Web pages all ready to go in the \webpages folder on your C drive. Where do you put all that information in CuteFTP so that you can get the files on the Internet?
A2: Click Add Site in the FTP Site Manager window, and then enter the following information:

3:What address would you enter in Netscape to view the Web pages you uploaded in question 2?
A3: You can't tell from the information given in question 2. A good guess would be http://www.bigisp.net/~elroy/, but you might choose a completely different domain name, such as http://elroy-and-astro.com/.
4:If the following Web page is named mypage.htm, which files would you need to transfer to the Web server to put it on the Internet?
<html><head><title><My Page</title></head>
<body background="joy.gif">
<img src="me.jpg" align="right" />
<h1>My Web Page</h1>
<p>Oh happy joy I have a page on the Web!</p>
<a href="otherpage.htm">Click here for my other page.</a>

A4: You need to transfer all three of the following files into the same directory on the Web server:

If you want the link on that page to work, you must also transfer this one, as well as any image files that are referred to in that HTML file:



Put your pages on the Internet already!



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