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Part: V Dynamic Web Pages > Embedding Multimedia in Web Pages

Hour 16. Embedding Multimedia in Web Pages

Multimedia is a popular buzzword for sound, motion video, and interactive animation. This hour shows you how to include multimedia in your Web pages.

The first thing you should be aware of is that computer multimedia is still in its youth, and Internet multimedia is barely in its infancy. The infant technology's rapid pace of growth creates three obstacles for anyone who wants to include audiovisual material in a Web page:

  • There are many incompatible multimedia file formats from which to choose, and none has yet emerged as a clear industry standard.

  • Most people do not have Internet connections fast enough to receive high-quality audiovisual data without a long wait.

  • Each new Web browser version that comes out uses different HTML tags to include multimedia in Web pages.

The moral of the story: Whatever you do today to implement a multimedia Web site, plan on changing it before too long.

The good news is that you can sidestep all three of these obstacles to some extent today, and they are all likely to become even easier to overcome in the near future. This hour shows you how to put multimedia on your Web pages for maximum compatibility with the Web browser versions that most people are now using. It also introduces you to the new standard way that Web page multimedia will be handled in the future.

The Microsoft ActiveX controls and Java applets discussed in Hour 17, “Interactive Pages with Applets and ActiveX,” can be used with many of the same types of media files discussed in this hour. Be sure to read Hour 17 before you make any final decisions about how you will incorporate multimedia into your Web site.



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