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1:How would you give a Web page a black background and make all text, including links, bright green?
A1: Put the following at the beginning of the Web page:
<body bgcolor="black"
text="lime" link="lime" vlink="lime" alink="black">

The following would do exactly the same thing:

<body bgcolor="#000000"
text="#00ff00" link="#00ff00" vlink="#00ff00" alink="#000000">

2:How would you make an image file named texture.jpg appear as a repeating tile behind the text and images on a Web page with white text and red links that turn blue after being followed?
<body background="texture.jpg"
text="white" link="red" vlink="blue" alink="black">

3:If elephant.jpg is a JPEG image of an elephant standing in front of a solid white backdrop, how do you make the backdrop transparent so only the elephant shows on a Web page?
A3: Open the image in Paint Shop Pro and then use Colors, Decrease Color Depth, 256 Colors to pick the best 256 colors for the image. Right-click the white area, select Colors, Set Palette Transparency, and then elect to make the background color transparent. Touch up any off-white spots that didn't become transparent and then use File, Save As to save it in the GIF 89a format.
4:Which menu choice in Paint Shop Pro automatically creates a background tile from part of any image?
A4: Selections, Convert to Seamless Pattern. See the Paint Shop Pro documentation if you need a little more help using it than this hour provides.


  • Try getting creative with some background tiles that don't use Convert to Seamless Pattern. You'll discover some sneaky tricks for making background tiles that don't look like background tiles in Hour 12, “Page Design and Layout,” but I bet you can figure out some interesting ones on your own right now. (Hint: What if you made a background tile 2,000 pixels wide and 10 pixels tall?)

  • If you have some photos of objects for a Web-based catalog, consider taking the time to paint a transparent color carefully around the edges of them. (Sometimes the magic wand tool can help automate this process.) You can also use Paint Shop Pro's Image, Effects, Drop Shadow feature to add a slight shadow behind or beneath each object, so they appear to stand out from the background.



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