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1:If you want your logo to bounce up and down on your Web page, how would you do it?
A1: Use Paint Shop Pro or another graphics program to make a few images of the logo at various heights (perhaps squishing when it reaches a line at the bottom). Then assemble those images using Animation Shop, and save them as a multi-image GIF animation file named bounce.gif. You can then place that animation on a Web page using the <img src="bounce.gif" /> tag, just as you would any GIF image.
2:How would you make a quarter-of-a-second pause between each frame of the animation?
A2: When you build the animation in Animation Shop, enter 25 as the time delay (in centiseconds).
3:How would you modify a GIF animation that repeats infinitely to instead play only three times before stopping?
A3: Open the animation in Animation Shop; select Animation, Animation Properties; on the Looping tab choose Play It and enter the number 3.


  • Animation Shop can make slide shows of dissimilar images by automatically generating transition effects, such as fading between pictures. It can also automatically add a number of special effects to still or moving text. If you take a little time to explore the advanced features of this program, I'm sure you'll find it time well spent.

  • Don't forget that the free copy of Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop you can download from www.jasc.com is an evaluation copy only. If you like it (and who wouldn't!?), be sure to send JASC, Inc., its well-earned registration fee to purchase the software.



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