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1:What four tags are required in every HTML page?
A1: <html>, <head>, <title>, and <body> (along with their closing tags, </html>, </head>, </title>, and </body>).
2:Insert the appropriate line break and paragraph break tags to format the following poems with a blank line between them:

Good night, God bless you,
Go to bed and undress you.
Good night, sweet repose,
Half the bed and all the clothes.

<p>Good night, God bless you,<br />
Go to bed and undress you.</p>
<p>Good night, sweet repose,<br />
Half the bed and all the clothes.</p>

3:Write the HTML for the following to appear one after the other:
  • A small heading with the words, “We are Proud to Present”

  • A horizontal rule across the page

  • A large heading with the one word, “Orbit”

  • A medium-sized heading with the words, “The Geometric Juggler”

  • Another horizontal rule

<h3>We are Proud to Present</h3>
<hr />
<h2>The Geometric Juggler</h2>
<hr />

4:Write a complete HTML Web page with the title “Foo Bar” and a heading at the top that reads “Happy Hour at the Foo Bar”, followed by the words “Come on down!” in regular type.
<head><title>Foo Bar</title></head>
<h1>Happy Hour at the Foo Bar</h1>
<p>Come on Down!</p>


  • Even if your main goal in reading this book is to create Web pages for your business, you might want to make a personal Web page just for practice. Type a few paragraphs to introduce yourself to the world, and use the HTML tags you've learned in this hour to make them into a Web page.

  • You'll be using the HTML tags covered in this hour so often that you'll want to commit them to memory. The best way to do that is to take some time now and create several Web pages before you go on. You can try creating some basic pages with serious information you want to post on the Internet, or just use your imagination and make some fun pages.



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