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1:Write the HTML to produce the following:

Come for cheap free H2O on May 7th at 9:00pm

come for <strike>cheap</strike> free h<sub>2</sub>o on may
7<sup><u>th</u></sup> at 9:00<small>pm</small>

2:What's the difference between the following two lines of HTML?
deep <tt>s p  a   a  c e</tt> quest
deep <pre>s p  a   a  c e</pre> quest

A2: The line using <tt> will look like this:

deep s p a a c e quest

The line using <pre> will produce the following three lines of text on the Web page.


s p a a c e


3:How would you say, “We're having our annual Impeachment Day SALE today,” in normal-sized blue text, but with the word “SALE” in the largest possible size in bright red?
<font color="blue">We're having our annual Impeachment Day
<font color="red" size=7>SALE</font> today!</font>

4:Write the HTML to make it possible for someone clicking the words “About the authors” at the top of the page to skip down to a list of credits at the bottom of the page.
A4: Type this at the top of the page:
<a href="#credits">about the authors</a>

Type this at the beginning of the credits section:

<a name="credits"></a>

5:Suppose that your company has three employees and you want to create a company directory page listing some information about each person. Write the HTML for that page and the HTML to link to one of the employees from another page.
A5: The company directory page would look like the following:
<html><head><title>company directory</title></head>
<body><h1>company directory</h1>
<a name="jones"><h2>jane jones</h2>
ms. jones is our accountant... etc.
<a name="smith"><h2>sam smith</h2>
mr. smith is our salesman.. etc.
<a name="bharwaniji"><h2>r.k. satjiv bharwahniji</h2>
mr. bharwahniji is our president... etc.

If the file were named directory.htm, a link to one employee's information from another page would look like the following:

<a href="directory.htm#bharwaniji">about our president</a>


  • Professional typesetters use small capitals for the AM and PM in clock times. They also use superscripts for dates, such as the 7th or 1st. Use the <small> and <sup> tags to typeset important dates and times correctly on your Web pages.

  • Look through your Web pages and consider whether there are any places in the text where you'd like to make it easy for people to respond to what you're saying. Include a link right there to your email address. You can never provide too many opportunities for people to contact you and tell you what they need or think about your products, especially if you're running a business.



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