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Hour 1. Understanding HTML and XML > How to Edit Web Pages - Pg. 7

Understanding HTML and XML 7 How to Edit Web Pages You'll learn how to understand and write HTML commands soon. The important point to note right now is that creating a Web page is just a matter of typing some text. You can type and save that text with any word processor or text editor you have on hand. You then open the text file with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or any other HTML-compatible software to see it as a Web page. When you want graphics, sound, animations, video, or interactive programming to appear on a Web page, you don't insert them into the text file directly, as you would if you were creating a document in most paper-oriented page layout programs. Instead, you type HTML text commands telling the Web browser where to find the media files. The media files themselves remain separate, even though the Web browser will make them look as if they're part of the same document when it displays the page. For example, the HTML document in Figure 1.2 refers to three separate graphics images. Figure 1.3 shows these three image files being edited in the popular graphics program Paint Shop Pro.