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Hour 9. Creating Your Own Web Page Graph... > Preparing Photographic Images - Pg. 111

Creating Your Own Web Page Graphics · Background textures or wallpaper to go behind pages 111 The last of these is covered in Hour 11, "Custom Backgrounds and Colors," but you can learn to create the other three kinds of graphics right now. Preparing Photographic Images To put photos on your Web pages, you need some kind of scanner or digital camera. You'll often need to use the custom software that comes with your scanner or camera to save pictures on your hard drive. Note, however, that you can control any scanner that is compatible with the TWAIN interface standard directly from Paint Shop Pro and most other graphics programs--see the soft- ware documentation for details. Tip If you don't have a scanner or digital camera, any Kodak film-developing store can transfer photos from 35mm film to a CD-ROM for a modest fee. You can then use Paint Shop Pro to open and modify the Kodak Photo-CD files. Some large photo developers other than Kodak offer similar digitizing services. Once you have the pictures, you can use Paint Shop Pro (or another similar graphics program) to get them ready for the Web. You want Web page graphics to be as compact as possible, so you'll usually need to crop or reduce the size of your digital photos. Follow these steps to crop a picture in Paint Shop Pro: 1. Click the rectangular selection tool on the tools palette. (The tools palette is shown on the left in Figure 9.1. You can drag it wherever you want it, so it may be in a different place on your screen.)