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Q1:I've seen quite a few animations on the Web that show a three-dimensional object rotating. Can I make those with Animation Shop?
A1: Yes, but you'll also need some kind of 3D modeling and rendering software to create the individual frames.

You may have also seen interactive, three-dimensional virtual reality scenes and objects embedded in Web pages. Those are something completely different than GIF animations, made with a special language called the Virtual Reality Modeling Language, or VRML. For more information on VRML, refer to http://www.sgi.com/vrml/.

Q2:I've seen moving marquee-type signs on Web pages. Are those GIF animations?
A2: Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't. There are several ways to make text move across an area on a Web page. One of the easiest is to use Animation Shop, which can make fancy marquees from a simple string of text that you type. See the Animation Shop online help for details.

Note that GIF animations are only one way to make marquees. They are Java applets or ActiveX controls (see Hour 18, "Interactive Pages with Applets and ActiveX" ). Some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer even support a special <marquee> tag, but this tag is now obsolete.

Q3:I have a Windows AVI video clip. Can I turn it into a GIF animation?
A3: Yes. Simply open the AVI file with Animation Shop 6 to convert it to a GIF animation. (You are given the option to reduce the number of frames; it's usually a good idea to sample every third frame or so to keep the file size down to reasonable proportions.)

You can also embed AVI files directly into Web pages, as discussed in Hour 17.



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