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Chapter 9. Forms > Multiline Text Areas - Pg. 329

Figure 9-5. A form-submit <button> Since the <button> tag is so similar to the <input type=button> element, why have it at all? The only reason is to provide far richer content for buttons. If your buttons are conventional text buttons, the <input> tag will suffice. If you want to create fancy mixed-content buttons, you'll need to use the <button> tag. Multiline Text Areas The conventional and hidden-text types for forms restrict user input to a single line of characters. The <textarea> form tag sets users free. The <textarea> Tag As part of a form, the <textarea> tag creates a multiline text entry area in the user's browser display. In it, the user may type a nearly unlimited number of lines of text. Upon submission of the form, the browser collects all the lines of text, each separated by "%0D%0A" (carriage return/line feed), and sends them to the server as the value of this form element, using the name specified by the required name attribute. <textarea> Function: Create a multiline text input area Attributes: ACCESSKEY CLASS COLS DIR DISABLED ID ONKEYPRESS ONKEYUP ONMOUSEDOWN ONMOUSEMOVE ONMOUSEOUT ONMOUSEOVER Multiline Text Areas | 329