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(X)HTML Editors - Pg. 462

Appendix F (X)HTML Editors You can use any text editor to write (X)HTML, including SimpleText or TeachText on the Macintosh, WordPad for Windows, or vi in Unix systems. The (X)HTML code pro- duced with these simpler programs is no different from the (X)HTML produced by more complex (X)HTML editors. A simple text editor is like the most basic SLR 35 mm camera. You have to set your f-stop and aperture manually, and then focus before shooting. The dedicated (X)HTML editors are point-and-shoot cameras: just aim and fire, for a price. They are more expensive, and generally less flexible. What (X)HTML editors offer Dedicated (X)HTML editors offer the fol- Disadvantages of (X)HTML editors These extra features come at a price, how-