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Chapter 12. Multimedia > Embedding RealMedia Files in Your Page

Embedding RealMedia Files in Your Page

You can add a console to your page so that the effect is better integrated with the rest of your content.

To embed RealMedia sound in your page:

In your HTML page, type <EMBED SRC="metafile.rpm", where metafile.rpm is the name of the file you saved in step 4 on page 228.

TypeTYPE="audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin". (All three hyphens are required.)

TypeCONSOLE="label", where label identifies this and other related RealMedia sound controls.

TypeCONTROLS="form" HEIGHT=h WIDTH=w, where form, h, and w correspond to the values shown here, respectively:

All, 125, 275

StopButton, 25, 35

PlayButton, 25, 35

ControlPanel, 40, 275

ControlPanel,StatusBar, 60, 275

ControlPanel,InfoVolumePanel, 105, 275

TypeLOOP=true to have the sound or sounds play over and over again.

TypeNUMLOOP=n, where n is the number of times the sound or sounds should be played.

Figure 12.28. Be sure to include the TYPE attribute so that the proper RealPlayer plug-in is used.

Figure 12.29. In this example, I've created a console with just the control panel and status bar.

Figure 12.30. Once the visitor presses the play button (left-pointing arrow), the status bar keeps them abreast of any problems transmitting the sound.

Figure 12.31. You can customize the RealPlayer console to your page's needs.

TypeSHUFFLE to have multiple sounds played back in random order.

TypeNOLABELS=true to hide the words "Title", "Author", and "Copyright" in the plug-in.

Type > to complete the EMBED tag.



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