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Chapter 12. Multimedia - Pg. 383

383 Chapter 12. Multimedia One of the things that has made the Web so popular is the fact that you can add graphics, sound, animations, and movies to your Web pages. While in the past, the prohibitive size of such files limited their effectiveness, newer technologies--including streaming audio and video, Flash, and Shock- wave--make pages with dynamic multimedia effects much more accessible to those of us who don't have the latest, fastest Pentiums and G4s. Multimedia files, however, continue to be very large, and as technology improves, they seem to get bigger still. Ten seconds of medium quality sound take up more than 200K, which will take your average visitor about a minute to download. A ten second file of a movie displayed in a tiny 2 × 3 window would be considerably larger. In addition, since the Web population is diverse, and uses many different kinds of computers, you have to make sure that the files you provide can be viewed and heard by your visitors (or the largest number possible of them). The fact that the developers of multimedia technologies can't seem to agree on standards doesn't help in the least.