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Chapter 7. Links > Using a Server-Side Image Map

Using a Server-Side Image Map

To use a server-side image map, you have to have theimagemap program on your NCSA HTTPd server orhtimage on your CERN server. The program should be located in the cgi-bin directory. Ask your server administrator for help, if necessary.

To use a server-side image map:

In your HTML document type <A HREF="http://www.yoursite. com/cgi-bin/imagemap, where imagemap is the name of the program that interprets your set of coordinates.

Type /path/coords" (adding no spaces after step 1) indicating the path to the text file that contains the coordinates (the map) for the image.

Figure 7.32. Notice how the text-based alternate links below the image point to the same URLs as the buttons in the clickable image. This gives equal access to your users who can't see the images.

Type the final > of the link definition.

Type <IMG SRC="clickimage.gif" where clickimage.gif is the image that you want your readers to click.

Figure 7.33. In Netscape, when your user points at a part of a clickable image, the cursor changes into a hand and the corresponding URL shows in the status area at the bottom of the window.

TypeISMAP to indicate a clickable image for a server-side map.

Add any other image attributes as desired and then type the final >.

Type the clickable text that should appear next to the image, if any.

Type </A> to complete the link.



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