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Chapter 12. Working with Video > Working with Video on the Timeline

Working with Video on the Timeline

When you import video into a source document, Flash stores a copy of the video in the active document’s Library, even if you import the video directly to the Stage Flash will still place a copy in the Library. It’s always best to import video files, first into the Library; that way you have control of the video, and how it’s brought onto the Stage. Moving a video file directly to the Stage is the easiest way to incorporate video into a Flash movie. In fact, once the video file has been imported into Flash, it’s a simple drag and drop operation. However, video files should always be held within a separate layer. That gives you control over the display of the video, and lets you place other Flash elements in other layers.

Move a Video File Directly to the Stage

Open a Flash source document (.fla) that contains one or more video files in the Library.

IMPORTANT To work directly with video files on the Timeline, you will have to Import them using the Embed video in SWF and play in Timeline (see Using the Video Import Wizard).

Click the Window menu, and then click Library to open the Library panel.

Click the Insert Layer button, and then name the new layer video_1.

Select the new layer.

Drag the video file from the Library onto the Stage.

A dialog box opens indicating how many frames the video file will occupy on the Stage.

Click Yes.

Click the Control menu, and then click Test Movie to view the video file as it will appear.



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