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Chapter 5. Working with Text > Checking Spelling

Checking Spelling

Flash includes a global spell checker that is fully configurable. Search the entire Flash document or isolate specific elements to search in the Spelling Setup dialog box. You can choose from a variety of built-in dictionaries as sources including a personal dictionary you can edit. Additionally you can choose which text characteristics to ignore, such as words with numbers and internet addresses, as well as choose what type of alternative suggestions you want Flash to provide.

Set Up Spell Checking

Click the Text menu, and then click Spelling Setup.

Select from the following options:

  • Document Options. Specify which elements in the Flash document you want to spell check. You can also specify whether you want to live-edit the document during the Check Spelling process.

  • Dictionaries. Select a built-in dictionary as a source. At least one dictionary must be selected to activate Check Spelling.

  • Personal Dictionary. Specify an option to use a dictionary created and edited by you. Navigate to a text document on your hard drive or edit the default one included by clicking the Edit Personal Dictionary button. Each new entry in the personal dictionary must be on a separate line.

  • Checking Options. Set word-level behaviors. You can have Internet addresses ignored, find duplicate words, or specify the types of suggestions you want displayed in the Check Spelling window.




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