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Chapter 22. Using Flash Professional 8 F... > Using Advanced Component Enhancement...

Using Advanced Component Enhancements

Components enable the separation of coding and design, and allow Flash authors to reuse and share code. Components allow coders to create functionality that designers can use in applications. Developers can encapsulate frequently used functionality into components, and designers can customize the look and behavior of components by changing parameters in the Property Inspector or the Component Inspector panel. The advanced components available only in Flash Professional are:

  • Accordion. A set of vertical overlapping views with buttons along the top that allow users to switch views with the click of a button.

  • Alert. A window that presents the user with a question, and buttons to capture their response.

  • DataGrid. Allows users to display and manipulate multiple columns of data.

  • DateChooser. Allows users to select a date or dates from a calendar.

  • DateField. A view only text field with a calendar icon. A click anywhere inside the component displays a DateChooser component.

  • Menu. Allows users to select one command from a list such as: a standard desktop application pull-down menu.

  • MenuBar. A horizontal ruler bar containing clickable buttons that allows a user to navigate between pages.

  • Tree. Create a tree-like structure to the defined data, and allows a user to manipulate through the hierarchical information with a click of the mouse.

  • FLVPlayBack (). Provides skin components to customize FLV or MP3 playback controls and allows users to embed cue points to synchronize video with animation, text, and graphics.

  • FLV Custom Skins (). Skins are movie clip symbols a component uses to display its appearance. You can use skin components with the Import Video Wizard or you can also use them independently. Flash installs FLA files (called themes) in the Macromedia Flash 8/Configuration/SkinFLA folder that contain skin components, which you can open as an external library and drag onto the Stage in a document. Each theme has a different behavior and appearance.



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