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Chapter 22. Using Flash Professional 8 F... > Applying Graphic Filter Effects

Applying Graphic Filter Effects

In Flash Professional, you can create more compelling graphical designs with built-in filter effects like Drop Shadow, Blur, Glow, Bevel, Gradient Bevel, and Adjust Color (). You can apply graphic visual filter effects to objects on the Stage using the Filters tab on the Property Inspector. You can apply more than one filter to an object and rearrange the order of the filters to create a different effect. After you create a customized effect, you can save it for use again later. If an applied filter doesn’t work for you, you can disable and enable it later, or remove it completely. The filter effects are natively supported and rendered in real-time by Flash Player 8. If Flash Player 7 or earlier is currently set as your Publish setting, Flash asks you to change it to Flash Player 8.

Apply Graphic Filter Effects

Select the (movie clip, button, or text) object on the Stage you want to apply a filter.

Open the Property Inspector, and then click the Filters tab.

Click the Add Filter (+) button, and then select a filter from the Filters popup menu.

The filter is applied to the object.

To customize the filter effect, changes the settings you want in the Property Inspector on the Filters tab.

Each filter is different, so the options available in the Property Inspector vary. You can also apply a blend to the object to create a more customized design.



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