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Chapter 22. Using Flash Professional 8 Features > Creating a Slide Presentation

Creating a Slide Presentation

The Slide Screen feature allows you to create a Flash document using sequential content, for example, a slide show. The default behavior of a screen lets the visitor navigate between screens using the arrow keys. This is accomplished by automatically attaching a key object to the visitor’s keyboard. To increase functionality, sequential screens can actually overlay each another so that the previous screen remains visible when the next slide is viewed.

Create a Slide Presentation

Click the File menu, and then click New.

Click the General tab.

Click Flash Slide Presentation.

Create, or select a backdrop for the slide show, and then place it on the presentation main page (optional).

Select Slide 1.

Drag an image from the Library onto the Slide 1 Stage, or click the File menu, and then click Import to select an image from an external source.

Did You Know?

Graphics aren’t the only items that can be placed on a slide. You can display video clips, Flash movie clips, even audio on a slide. It’s totally up to you. The animation, video, or audio files will begin to play when the visitor clicks to access the slide.

Click the Insert Screen (+) button.

Select Slide 2, and then add another image.

Click the Insert Screen (+) button, and then repeat step 5 to add as many slides as required.

Select a slide, and then click the Delete Screen (-) button to remove the slide from the set.

Click and drag a slide up or down to reorder the slide with the stack.

Click the Control menu, and then click Test Movie.

Use the left and right arrow keys to maneuver between slides.

IMPORTANT If you right-click on a slide, you can choose to insert a nested screen. Nested screens are always visible, but appeared grayed out when viewed.



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