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Chapter 15. Using Basic ActionScripts > Setting ActionScript Preferences

Setting ActionScript Preferences

Since ActionScripting is so important, Flash gives you the ability to control the Actions panel through preferences. ActionScript preferences give you the ability to control the font and size of the text typed into the Actions panel, as well as using syntax coloring to help you visualize the code. You can also set AutoFormat preferences () to specify the automatic formatting you want for your ActionScript code.

Set ActionScript Preferences

Click the Flash (Professional) (Mac) or Edit (Win) menu, and then click Preferences.

Click the ActionScript category,

Select from the following options:

  • Automatic Indentation. Instructs Flash to perform syntax indentation.

  • Tab Size. Enter a value for the number of spaces used.

  • Code Hints. Gives you onscreen hints as you type.

  • Delay. Delay before showing a code hint. Drag slider to select a value (0 to 4) in seconds.

  • Font. Select a font and size for the ActionScript text ().

  • Open/Import and Save/Export. Select UTF-8 or Default encoding, for open and import operations (UTF-8 is best).

  • Reload Modified Files. Click to be prompted when Flash needs to reload a modified file ().

  • Syntax Coloring. Choose the syntax-coloring scheme.

  • Language. Click ActionScript 2.0 to modify the ActionScript sub-settings.

Click the Auto Format category.

Select the format check boxes you want and view effect in preview.




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