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Chapter 6. Importing Graphics > Importing Multiple Files

Importing Multiple Files

Flash allows you to import multiple files simultaneously to save time. This is useful if you have many files to import. You can select multiple, non-sequential files in the Import dialog box. Choose to import to the Library or to the Stage directly. When you import to the Stage, the file is stored in the Library and a copy is placed on the Stage so you can begin editing it immediately. If you attempt to import a series of files that are numbered sequentially, Flash detects this and produces a dialog box to handle this. When sequential images are imported, they will appear in separate frames by order of the number in their file name. This is extremely useful for image sequences where a series of images forms an animation.

Import Multiple Files or a Sequence of Files

Click the File menu, point to Import, and then click Import To Stage or Import To Library.

Click the Show popup (Mac) or Files Of Types list arrow (Win), and then select the format of the file you want to import.

Navigate to the files on your hard drive.

Select the first file you want to import.

To import multiple files, hold down the (Mac) or Ctrl (Win) key and click additional files to select them.

Click Import (Mac) or Open (Win).

For a sequence of files, Flash detects that this image is part of a sequence and asks whether you want to import all of them at once.

Click Yes.

The numbered files are imported and placed on separate sequential keyframes on the selected layer in the Timeline.



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