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Adding a Data Grid

The DataGrid component allows you to create strong data-enabled displays and applications. You can use the DataGrid component to create a recordset (retrieved from a database query in ColdFusion, Java, or .Net) using Macromedia Flash Remoting and display it in columns. You can also use data from a data set or from an array to fill a DataGrid component. The DataGrid component includes horizontal scrolling, event support (including event support for editable cells), sorting capabilities, and performance optimizations. The data for a grid can come from a recordset that is fed from a database query in Macromedia ColdFusion, Java, or .Net using Flash Remoting, a data set or an array. To pull the information into a DataGrid, you set the DataGrid.dataProvider property to the recordset, data set, or array.

Add a DataGrid Component

Open the Components panel.

Click the UI Components Expand triangle.

Drag the DataGrid component onto the Stage, and then select the component.

Did You Know?

You can create shapes directly on the Stage in Drawing mode. If you plan to design your interface using Flash’s drawing tools, you can now create shapes directly on the Stage that will not interfere with other shapes on the same Stage by using Drawing mode.

You can use Script Assist mode to help you write a script. If you’re having problems writing your own ActionScripts, simply click the Script Assist button (located in the upper-right corner of the Action panel, and let Flash give you a hand.

Enter a unique instance name for the DataGrid component in the Property Inspector.

Select Frame 1, open the Actions panel, and then enter the script as shown in the illustration.

The Flash Remoting recordset recordSetInstance is assigned to the dataProvider property of myDataGrid.



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